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Папа клёвый, мама - божественен! (с)
Концерт + in the days, качество отличное. Весит 700 Mb.

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Exclusive: Ryan Ross Talks About Leaving Panic! At The Disco

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
"...There was a period where we weren't really talking to each other all that much, and Jon and I were just living at my house and continuing to write. And we kind of realized we needed to get over not speaking and figure out what was actually going on. So we all sat down and pretty much came to the conclusion that the best thing for everyone was to do what we did."
'It got to the point where there might have been too many cooks in the kitchen'

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Exclusive: Ryan Ross Talks About Cocaine Picture

say it in daylight
Last week, just days after Panic! at the Disco announced that Ryan Ross and Jon Walker were leaving the band, a certain photo began making the rounds on message boards and gossip sites ... one that seemed to confirm most Panic! fans' suspicions about why Ross had split in the first place.

'I didn't even really know [the cocaine] was there,' ex-Panic! at the Disco frontman says.

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Exclusive: Ryan Ross Talks New Music, Moving On From Panic! At The Disco

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Because, really, the songs he's written with former Panic! bassist Jon Walker were the reason he decided to leave the band in the first place. They were a departure from the glossy pop tunes Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith were working on — they looked backward as opposed to forward, focusing instead on the crackling punch of old Stax Records 45s and the jangly pop of the Kinks — and the difference in musical direction was great enough to send him packing.

"I think the songs are a lot more focused than what you might have heard on Pretty. Odd. I don't think we're going to do any orchestration. ... They just sound like a band," Ross said.

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Exclusive: Spencer Smith Reveals New Members Of Panic! At The Disco

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For two weeks, Spencer Smith sat idly by while his former bandmate, guitarist Ryan Ross, spoke at length about leaving Panic! at the Disco and venturing out on a career of his own. Late Wednesday (July 29), that all changed.

Smith spoke with MTV News about splitting with Ross and bassist Jon Walker — echoing Ross' sentiments, he called the decision "beyond amicable" — and his and Brendon Urie's decision to carry on under the Panic! at the Disco mantle.

Brendon and I are still friends with Ryan and Jon, we really like their new band [the Young Veins], they really like our band, and we hope fans like both of them.

+ Оффтопом: What a Catch выходит в первой неделе августа (Pete's twitter)

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Spencer Smith Explains Why Panic! At The Disco Brought Back The '!'

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It was the one question that dogged Panic! at the Disco the entire time they were promoting 2008's Pretty. Odd. album: Why did they decide to drop the exclamation point from their name?

In retrospect, it seems like a pretty dumb thing to focus on — especially since Pretty. Odd. was pretty great — but when Panic! became plain, old Panic, it turned into one gigantic, yearlong headache for the guys in the band.

"It's amazing because we never necessarily got asked about it that much when it was in there," drummer Spencer Smith told MTV News.

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Panic! At The Disco's Spencer Smith Wants New Music To Do The Talking

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For nearly a month now, ever since Panic! at the Disco announced that guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker were leaving to start a new band called the Young Veins, there has been speculation that any number of "Behind the Music"-type maladies (drugs, money, jealousy ... you name it) had led to the split.

Despite both sides denying that there was any drama involved — both said "creative differences" were to blame — that speculation didn't show any sides of letting up.

"No, I wasn't shocked or mad at all. We had about three weeks of people not knowing what was going on with the bands, and it's kind of nice that the music was released at the same time,"

И не могу не поделиться фоткой большого размера:

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Mark Hoppus Confirms He's Working With Panic! At The Disco

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Earlier this month, Panic! at the Disco drummer Spencer Smith told MTV News that he hoped to hand Blink-182's Mark Hoppus a few of his demos while the two bands toured together.

Smith's goal was to convince Hoppus — who, what with his work with All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack and the Michael Jackson estate, has suddenly become a rather hot commodity — to produce a couple of tracks on the new Panic! album.

"I've heard a few of Panic! at the Disco's demos for the new album, and they're really strong," Hoppus said.

+ Спасибо buddha for me за этот обзор новостей. Around 1:00 - небольшое интервью Брендона и Спенсера.

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Call Panic

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"Hey -
We wanted to let you guys know that Spencer and I now have a phone number where you can call us to (702) 425-5548. We'll be checking in and leaving messages for you as well as listening to all of your responses. This is gonna be fun....

UPD. We have a site: www.saynow.com/patd
Здесь можно послушать everything what's going on. :D

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Значится здесь - очень много ссылок на скачку всех старых Паниковских каверов и песен с участием Брендона или Райана (в т.ч. лайвы).
Как скачивать

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Panic! at the Disco Talk “Jennifer’s Body” Song, Plans for New LP

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Видео можно посмотреть здесь

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Random old show

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February, 23, 2008.
Absolutly Amazing Show.
8 Songs+Interview

Thanks a lot to MariJaneUrie.

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Panic! at the Disco Unplugged!

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Radio interview

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ABC News interview from when the guys were in NYC:

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Blackbird (cover)

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Не live'овую версию можно скачать здесь.

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Ryan Ross/ The Young Veins on East Village Radio (New Song- "The Other Girl")

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São Paulo / Maquinaria Festival-2009. VIDS

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A couple of vids here.

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The Chile show - Vids

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Brendon! at the Disco