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Don't stop believing(acoustic)

say it in daylight
Аудио в относительно приличном качестве можно скачать здесь.

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Ещё кое-что с Comic Con Performance

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И ещё пара ссылок на аудио, но сделанные другим человеком.
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
New Perspective

Thanks to LJ. <3

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Exclusive: Former Panic! At The Disco Members Become The Young Veins

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Nearly a month after parting ways with Panic! at the Disco "to embark on a musical excursion of their own," Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have finally decided on a name for that excursion. They're calling themselves the Young Veins.

Ross e-mailed MTV News late Monday night to make the announcement, which came two weeks to the day after he told us that he and Walker were at a loss for just what to call their new retro-leaning band. (Of course, we tried to help out the best we could.)

"We're going with the Young Veins," Ross wrote. "I hope you'll check us out."

Young Veins My Space.
Скачать песню Change.

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New Perspective

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Comic Con Performance

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New Perspective Preview-UPD

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Релиз - 28 июля.

Thanks to PATD-online forums.

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I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
Brendon and I have been hard at work in the studio writing and doing demos of new songs for all of you.
Here is a clip of a new demo we recorded this past week...it's called 'Oh Glory.'

We're really excited about the new songs were working on and can't wait to release more.
In a few weeks we'll set out on the Blink-182 tour which is still unbelievable to us.
They're the reason I started playing music, and I can't wait to be a part of something so to close me.
Check back soon for more updates and our new single 'New Perspective.'

Spencer of Panic! At The Disco
click to listen
click to download

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I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else
"don't worry about a thing cuz every little thing is going to be alright"

by Spencer James Smith <3
3 little birds

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One more cover

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Brendon reminds us why we love him so much <333

I don’t have any answers and I stole the questions from someone else


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Ниже представленные вещи, были выложены за последние пару дней на оффборде и на форуме PATD-online.

1) DECAYDANCE LULLABYE - слушать тут. На оффборде это обозвали Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson jam session. Скачать тут. Спасибо buddha for me за ссыль на скачку.

2) Brendon inerview you may not have heard слушать тут.

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MTV - 5th June 2009

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На официальный форум не далее, как 5 июня сего года, выложили следующие видео- и аудиофайлы:

Сказать про качество shitty - не сказать ничего.

Комментарий: MTV World Stage is a concert series aired through most MTV channels around the globe on Friday nights. Tomorrow, June 5th, it will broadcast Panic At The Disco live at the Oxegen Festival recorded in Dublin, Ireland last year.

Thanks to Znoby

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Jon Walker from Panic at the Disco radio interview

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Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

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The Coca-Cola Company and Atlantic Records bring together some of the hottest names in music to record the soundtrack to “Happiness Factory 3”

The Coca-Cola Company and Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records have come together to record and release a new song featuring some of the hottest acts from the worlds of rock, pop and hip hop.

Launching today, the track will accompany the third in the Coca-Cola “Happiness Factory” series of commercials, and uses the 5-note melody made famous by the ads. Titled “Open Happiness”, the single features the combined talents of Cee-Lo Green, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and acclaimed, Grammy nominated songstress Janelle Monae. The song reflects the spirit of positivity, optimism and fun expressed in “Open Happiness,” the new global integrated marketing campaign for brand Coca-Cola.

Коротко о главном: Брендон принимал участие в записывании песни в рекламе "Кока-Колы". Да, это он поёт в той рекламе, которая идёт по телевизору. Но так же планируется снять отдельный клип собственно с главными участниками проекта. Пока клип не вышел, но у нас есть следующие артефакты:

Скачать саму песню можно тут.
Посмотреть видео, где так или иначе присутствует Брендон можно тут (экранчик слева, потом квадратик Open Happiness Single) и тут. (2:38)
Само видео выйдет в мае.


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CD/DVD Live in Chicago

Save me Barry!
2 декабря выйдет a live CD/DVD Live in Chicago

Disc: 1
Disc: 2

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Razia's Shadow: A Musical

Ограниченным тиражом вышел диск с мюзиклом Razia's Shadow, где Брендон исполняет 2 песни - The Exit и The End and The Beginning.

The End and The Begining
The Exit

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Fuse: Live From Voodoo Experience

Новое интервью: ребята рассказывают о суевериях и делятся планами на Хэллоуин.
посмотреить он-лайн здесь и здесь

Выступление Nine In The Afternoon на Fuse:
скачать аудио и видео

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It's Almost Halloween

И сразу к последним новостям:
На днях ребята сняли и выложили в интернет видео-клип, который сделали сами в честь Хэллоуина (31 октября). Песня и клип так и называется "It's Almost Halloween"

Скачать видео здесь,
Аудио здесь.
Посмотреть он-лайн здесь
А ознакомится со словами здесь

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Brendon! at the Disco