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say it in daylight
Panic! At The Disco will be chatting live with fans on May 4th at 3PM BST at fueledbyramen.com/chat. You can tweet your questions to @panicatthedisco using the hashtag #PanicUstream on that day.

The guys will be in the UK then, therefore it’s 3PM British Summer Time. For US fans that would be 10AM EST and 7AM PST, check what time that is in your area HERE.


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2011-04-28 в 23:16 

say it in daylight
ещё одна хуета на нашу голову. :bat2: надеюсь, в этот раз всё будет поприличней))

2011-04-29 в 01:50 

reise, reise
Zooey. крепимся)!

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