A Message From Spencer & Brendon (from myspace)

say it in daylight
Hey Everybody,

We just got back from South America, and just wanted to thank everybody for coming out to the shows down there. We had an amazing time, and wish we could have stayed down there longer and played more shows.

On another note, we we're informed that somebody has been posing as us or our assistants (which we don't even have) trying to get information from people. This person is not affiliated with us in any way, and you should not be giving out any personal information. This is kinda crazy to have to tell you guys, but you all are important to us and we need to look out for you!

-Spencer & Brendon.

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2009-11-14 в 23:36 

say it in daylight

2009-11-14 в 23:40 

say it in daylight
awwwwwwwwww! They hug them! OMG. :alles: :heart:

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